1997年 FIFAワールドカップ アジア最終予選 日本VSカザフスタン

DF名良橋晃(中西永輔) 井原正巳 秋田豊 相馬直樹
MF山口素弘 名波浩 北澤豪(森島寛晃) 中田英寿
FW中山雅史(高木琢也) 城彰二
実況・長坂哲夫 解説・田嶋幸三 清水秀彦


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  28. Absolutely amazing interview guys, thank you so much. The little nuggets about Kobe, LO, and Pau are the kind of great stuff that you can read 100s of Lakers articles and still never catch a glimpse of.

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  35. Thanks,Andrew, for your usual penetrating analysis and heart-felt human telling of the story. What a sad commentary about how broken our social network and contract are. How it’s become so much a social Darwinism culture we live in.

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  80. Congratulations to Billy & Gina, what wonderful news! my best wishes to you both and the rest of the family. I won’t type anything else as it’s already been said and I agree with it all.

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  97. If anyone had told me how much work it was to start my own blog I might not have done it! However, I can say that I do enjoy the interaction with readers and other bloggers like you guys.

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  102. Cliche and over-done. It’s almost up there with Princess Leia and a Cat.Edit: Okay, but I do know that I see at least 25 of those every year when I go out partying. It’s a cute costume, but not original.

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  106. Craig, honestly wat r u on about? ur talking a load of shit. u believe that this world has to be politicly correct. boy id hate to live in a world controlled by u! girls wearing bikinis on tv! omg! lets just all go have a cry! just because they are wearing bikinis does not mean that they are sluts.

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  111. Alessandra comentou em 12 de abril de 2012 às 10:40. Julia, você lembra qual foi o primeiro pincel que usou nos olhos no Base aliada desta semana? Foi o que você usou pra passar o delinador em gel. Perguntei no outro post, mas não obtive resposta… :/ Eu chutei que é da Contém 1g… será que é isso mesmo? Beijos!

  112. All those gorgeous treasures were screaming "Vix, Vix, buy me, love me!" when they spotted you in their vicinity. I nearly fell off my perch when I saw the swimsuit *ga!*. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you wave the tweed jacket around – it'll be a rugby scrum! You look gorgeous Vix and I just know you'll have a wonderful party. BTW I wouldn't iron the frock, I'd just wear it as is if it were my party. "It's my party and I'll wear what I want to!" xoxoxoxoxo

  113. Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  114. When a similar petition to allow the British public a vote on the ghastly E.U. reached one hundred thousand signatures, Cameron's government debated the issue, as was our statutory right, but totally ignored the pleas of the masses in allowing us a referendum, as the outcome was obvious and not acceptable to them….I.E…..Gone in sixty seconds…….These on-line petitions are vapid, as any of our politicians can amend their meaning at will.

  115. – Yes, and the problem when you take portraits with wide angle – apart from the intimidation of going close – is how it makes noses bigger and generally causes facial distortion. Of course it can add drama sometimes, depends on what you are trying to achieve.

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