2007年 アジアカップ(準々決勝) 日本VSオーストラリア


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  16. Daniel,Thanks for supplying all this information. I'm still working my head around how a women's group can be so insane as to ally with the misogynist muslim brotherhood.Still, calling Soros a James Bond villain was the highlight for me. Now all we need is a James Bond.

  17. Can’t say I’m a fan of the Mickey waffles (so-wee!) but I do love the smell of the waffle cones coming out of Gibson Girl on Main Street? They’re cute though.

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  28. o tal vasco e sao paulo foi 3 a 0 em sao januario, ja a meia bomba, pois o vasco nao tinha chance mais. e o edmundo, sempre sem noçao, fez um golaço.

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  36. that the Bible nowhere prohibits the use of alcohol, but only condemns drunkenness. I was really surprised, and glad at the same time. His response was candid, biblical, and lacked any shred of prejudice from tradition, or circumstance. I like that.

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  50. :) Hey sweetie!! Yes, I agree that you can NEVER get rid of that sweater!! You looked beautiful, and that was THE big Life moment. Love you dearest, CR

  51. I miss you Richard, and I had a sudden thought to Google your name today. You forever have changed my life, and have shown me what a man and father of faith looks like. (something I aspire to be everyday) You are what a man of God truly looks like. Shine down on us from that great yacht in the sky.I was a roommate of Richard in mid 2006. I lived with him for around 8 months until I could afford to go out on my own. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. God Speed

  52. Bravo ma langoustine, je n’ai jamais douté de toi (et encore moins de Hisa, il faudra qu’on y aille ensembles, ce n’est pas si loin de ton boulot, dès nos retours de vacances?).Maintenant, je compte sur toi pour t’éclater avec les recettes de mer, je t’ai à l’oeil (attendri et indulgent certes, mais quand même impitoyable et juste).

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  88. Anon-e-Mouse – thanks for sharing your story about party lines. Yes, it's a concept not easily understood in today's world of conference calls!Dave E – I'm looking forward to the day when there is a first edition Colette! Seriously, I find it hard to think of a world where we no longer keep "special" books on a shelf. I agree with Carol though — that fiction will be the first to go all digital. It's more "consumable" (i.e. read it once and done) than say reference books.

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  137. What a lovely story and reading! I enjoyed the details, especially the clouds of cotton candy and all the astronomical references and metaphors. The coffee at the end was perfect.

  138. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Honestly it didn’t feel courageous at all… In fact I was hoping he’d get into it with those real angels so I could run out the door… Or behind the counter and out the back door with the owners.I always tease that writers look for adventure In their lives to create story… But this was a bit overboard!

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