2014年 キリンチャレンジカップ 日本VSウルグアイ


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  5. !!! i think they do have big plans. it’ll be interesting to see. I haven’t read what the plans are, but i think it involves actually moving the kids to a different location and doing some extensive work, if rumors are correct.

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  7. พูดว่า:Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed is not working today. I tried including it to my Google reader account and got nothing.

  8. sieht wirklich toll aus aber ich will glaub ich gar nicht wissen, wie der schmeckt :DSo rein optisch sieht er aus wie diese merkwürdigen Korallen, die man damals im Glas "züchten" konnte

  9. I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!


  11. It’s unprecedented the amount of access to the media he’s getting, though. Merely for the titillation factor? He was not the known national figure, no matter how big a dog he is in State College. Only time will tell.

  12. Kat – Must be clear that my little ones were not in tow with me on my busy day yesterday! That would have made things impossible. But they were with me today! At meetings, at a birthday party, a doctor’s appointment. And I am beat. Time for bed!

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  16. Klingt schonmal besser als der ähnlich gelagerte Amercian Dreams, der eine tolle Idee hatte und diese dann ja doch versemmelt hat.

  17. I love this post, Jennifer! It is so hard to leave that first happy house behind (we brought two babies home to our first house); you are so lucky to be keeping it in the family!Those photos are priceless!

  18. Sometimes I shudder at the title Christian because their are so many out there that are Christian in name only. I’m sorry you didn’t find the love and support that should have been there.

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  22. You jinxed your very high rate of civil and thoughtful posters by speaking of it. Both “Don’t get me wrong”, and “Lest I be misunderstood” would do better being misunderstood. They display an agressive contempt for their alleged intellectual inferiors which Mencius has not once done.

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  24. Aweeee…..cute card! I made a card today as well and used the same old olive SU ribbon/button embellishment, except my button was brown. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  26. I find it fas­ci­nat­ing that while we Amer­i­cans are ignor­ing our basic rights, there are those halfway around the globe that are express­ing their views legally for the first time in half a cen­tury. Say it loud and clear: I am a Sunni, I am an Iraqi and I voted. Today I can walk tall, I can say I am Iraqi with a proud not only because I voted but also I fought against ter­ror­ist with my vot­ing bal­lot. I stepped out the car, the vot­ing cen­ter was on the other side of the street, young Iraqi teenagers were

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  31. Ya sabes lo que pienso.Lo que sí me ha sorprendido es que hayas escrito una palabrota en este sacrosanto blog. Pero bueno, todos nos podemos "equivocar" hasta ese tipejo.Molts petons, Rafa!

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  42. I’m with ya girl..I’ll definitely be following along to see how it goes. My debt right now after college, plus grad school, plus a wedding, plus credit cards…so not good

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  44. It is even more confusing than that. If you remember that murder case in CA where the guy killed his pregnant wife was convicted on 2 counts of murder. If his wife had aborted the child, then she was home free. Because the father killed his unborn kid, then he faced murder charges. Only liberals can screw up policy this much!Reply

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  46. Men åh så sjukt. Hemskt hur de behandlat dig. Jag tycker du gör ett bra jobb och hoppas att du orkar fortsätta med det. <3

  47. "but homosexual actors and actresses seem to have a really hard time playing straight roles.""The Town?" "The Hurt Locker?"

  48. I haven’t been able to feel totally comfortable wih the emerging labels because of how ambiguous Emergent leaders are in relation to basic doctrines of the church.  However, I feel fully comfortable being identified with the missional moniker because it deals so much with context, the heart of Christ, and community while affirming an orthodix Christianity.

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  55. Hoi Niels,Wat een goed idee! Nu B. (even) bijna geen groente meer lust, ga ik het zo ‘verstoppen’ in deze stamppot koekjes. Wat een goed idee! groetjes Lotte

  56. Indeed, this is about freedom and dignity for all.Competitive suffering is just a New York City real estate developer's tactic to clear out low rent minorities by pitting them against each other.

  57. I saw him being interviewed not long ago. What must be realized is he is not the conservative most imagine. O’reilly admitted to being anti-gun, pro-choice, anti-capitol punishment, not usually considered conservative opinions.

  58. I’d sure love some silence from IMing when I’m trying to read your very first blog *g*Welcome home, Brat….You may not know this yet, but you needed this space.Love you madly,Terri

  59. Lawrence: "Gender Apartheid"That is the nice diplomatic term I was reaching for earlier today.I first saw this term used sometime around 2006 by Victor Davis Hansen in its full form:"Abject Gender Apartheid".I continue to use his concise summation of institutionalized Islamic misogyny to this day.

  60. The governments ideolgy is to simply enslave the public to doing their bidding while they get rich off the efforts of the working class and this must be stopped now or your freedom will be lost forever.It's our own fault from being to lax in keeping government under control and it will be our own fault if we let it continue to being this way.

  61. YES! I so look forward to going to the Philippines…one day! =) I have a number of Filipino friends who have taught me about the food and culture, describing all the incredible places I can travel to. Even though I live in Hong Kong now, and it’s just a short flight over to Manila, I’m still putting it off in hopes that I can travel there with one of my best friends and experiences his version of the Philippines. We may be there for CNY 2012 so perhaps we’ll run into each other, Carrie!

  62. Let me get this straight, after Morgan Ingram directly contacted the sheriff and actually identified the stalker as Killer K, she was still ignored? With his record and he is found not guilty? That's just crap.

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  67. What a cutie !!! Babbar sher to the left missing a poonch.BTW, D's fav drink also was light coffee. So when he was sick , the only nutrition he would get was light coffee (if he nibbled on pieces of idli first !!)

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  76. It is a shame the Mother of a killed American official can’t even get a good explanation as to how her son died. If she can’t get the info, then how is anybody else ever going to know? It is my understanding that our Ambassador requested extra security, but was denied, due to a lack of funding. The question was asked during the recent debate as to why they didn’t get more security, and who was it that denied it. Neither candidate answered it. They talked about other things they are going to do. Maybe one day we can some straight answers.

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  79. guys, you really, really, really, don’t want to bring politics (or religion) in here. it’s like a cake that is .00001% poo — which means it’s 100% crap. just don’t do it, if you have any genuine respect for BBall.

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  82. That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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  86. …What a beautiful quote. “If you believe in a child they will succeed”. I have two sons, and that one quote is more inspiring than any other I’ve heard. I also want to say that I work with people who have acquired brain injuries. If you, or anyone you know has had a brain injury, I think this quote is applicable to the recovery of the brain injured person. I have been telling my patients the essence of this message, but I will now use the language I’ve been given by Epiphany. Thanks Elise, -Suzanne

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